Self-Service Suction Apparatus (Mono/Duo)

  • available in powder coated steel or stainless steel V2A
  • 400V side channel blower
  • continuous running time setting
  • coin and/or token
  • sucking with credit card or credit key possible
  • stainless dirt container (60 litres)

Money changer

  • changing of 5, 10, 20 or 50 Euro notes to coins and tokens possible
  • charging from credit card or credit key
  • receipt printer

Water dispenser

  • warm or cold water dispenser
  • amount of water can be adjusted individually
  • coin slot individually adjustable

Perfume sprayer

  • four different fragrances
  • massive zinc sheet construction
  • customized colour scheme
  • continuous running time setting
  • protected against freezing down to -20°C. 

Insects pre-spraying device

  • customized colour scheme
  • continuous running time setting
  • hose and lance holder
  • spray hose (9m) with a lance and gun

Waste container

  • customized colour scheme
  • sturdy galvanized version
  • 40 litres container

Matt washer

  • continuous running time setting
  • pushing button for water metering
  • stainless steel V2A housing
  • emergency-off-switch
  • matt-catcher
  • maximum width of matt: approx. 840 mm

Matt Thumper

  • galvanized version
  • dirt drawer for easy disposal