Self-service washing plants for trucks

Our aquasens team is planning and realising for you self-service lance washing plants for trucks equipped with user-defined washing stations. 

Our team has decades of experience in the development, distribution and maintenance of self-service lance washing plants. Our systems convince by superior quality, non-vulnerability of errors, very low operating costs and high durability.

LKW Waschanlage
LKW Reinigung

Cabinet systems or equipment installed in the equipment room

Performance Features:


  • 1-3 washing programmes
  • Pressure ranging from 150 up to 250 Bar
  • Water volume of 1,000 up to 1,800 litres/hour
  • Hot water up to 95┬░ Celsius
  • Powder dosing system for superior washing results
  • Decalcification plant
  • Continuous pressure- and water regulation




  • Technology installed in the nacelle or cabinet
  • Also available with snap-on washing brush
  • User-friendly washing mike booms
  • Insulated and freeze proof machine cabinet
  • Hot water production with oil heating
  • Customized colour scheme, triple finishing
  • Remote selector with key system

Accessories kit:

  • Wall swivel mike booms of up to 12m
  • Swivel mike booms on stayers of up to 9m
  • Wall rails for washing bays
  • Cover gyroscope up to 3m
  • Hose made of stainless steel
  • Frost safety device for high pressure hose and washing lance